Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Pianist

Yesterday, Tye and I drove to visit my grandparents in Rockford.  We arrived in time for lunch, then had a nice long walk around their neighborhood, spent some time talking/napping, then had dinner and some more play time.  Tye fell in love with their baby grand piano.  Watching her explore the keys and corresponding sounds- reaching all the way from one end to the other- was really sweet.  It was a bit like seeing a piano with completely new eyes.

Have you ever just sat back and watched grandparents or great-grandparents with a child?  The child brings out the youth in the older generation.  I see it so clearly with Tye's grandparents- they act the youngest I've ever seen them when they're with Tye.  Yesterday, I had the same feeling watching my grandparents play with Tye as they made musical instruments out of cookie cooling racks and played peek-a-boo over the counter.  Then Gramma told stories about some of her experiences mothering my dad and uncles, memories I'll treasure right along watching Tye play piano for the first time.


  1. 100% agree! even though blaines sees my grandparents just about every day (perks of living 1 mile from his grandparents and his great grandparents), he is scared of my grandpa! he plays with my grandma in the sunroom and always peeks into the kitchen to make sure my grandpa isnt looking. then clings on me if he is. so cute! blaine definitely lights up their life, as i can tell does tye!


  2. Tye looks so involved in that I see lessons in the future? lol

  3. I agree Em! When I see my grandmother, Nina, interact with Charlotte it is simply beautiful! She has watched her a couple of times alone and we also visit about once a week. I love seeing them play together. Charlotte really brings new energy to Nina ; ) Beautiful post.


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