Monday, May 2, 2011

Mama Fail

Last week, our nature group had a walk scheduled at a beautiful park in Chicago.  The walk is about a half mile, so I knew Tye would love tromping through the forest along the wood-chipped path with her friends.  With new spring growth finally showing itself, I was really looking forward to the experience.

The day of our nature walk arrived with dark clouds and loads of rain.  No problem, I thought, We'll just dress for the weather and make the best of it.  It was a great plan until we arrived and I realized I forgot to pack Tye's raincoat.  Feeling like the worst mom in the world but unable to scrounge up or even borrow a kid-sized layering piece for her, I did what any good desperate mom would do and made her a waterproof coat.  Out of a reusable grocery bag.

At least she loved it.


  1. omg those pictures made me laugh out loud!!! reminded me of the times we trick-or-treated in the trashbags they make for leaves! you get an A++ for ingenuity. :)

  2. Thanks :) When I got home and showed Tyler the photos, he said he was "actually really proud" of me. Guess he likes a woman who knows how to use a pocket knife to MacGuyver childgear!

  3. Anyone with a discerning eye can see that's not an ordinary grocery bag - but instead a very nice gear bag from the Bucktown 5K - complete with the RAM (Running Away Multisport) logo - BUSTED!!! The only thing that prevents this from being a waste of a good bag is that it makes a good bag even better when it adorns/protects my Grandaughter! Way to go sweetie. Granddad

  4. You caught me, Dad. Thing is, we have a bunch of them (from buying shoes and all our 5k races), and they were waterproof, unlike my canvas grocery bags. And, it was super easy to cut with a pocket knife. Definitely a new way to reuse a bag, though!


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