Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Whale Watching

With Chicago's heat index well over 100 today, we decided to take a quick break from the heat and visit the Shedd Aquarium.  We arrived as it opened to take advantage of members-only viewing of their new exhibit, Jellies.  
From there, we walked downstairs to view the beluga whales and dolphins underwater.  We were the only people in that entire portion of the aquarium for almost an hour- precious time to explore before being overwhelmed by hoards of field trip attendees.  

We spent at least half an hour watching, and being watched by, the beluga whales.  Remember my special attachment to the mama beluga with whom I shared months of pregnancy, then months to years of lactating?  It seems Tye feels a special bond with the whales, too.  
As Tye and I watched the belugas swim laps around their pool, they watched us closely, touching the thick glass as they passed.  When we revisited the whales later, they seemed almost to be avoiding the window, perhaps as overwhelmed by the crowd as we were.  I was so thankful for those silent moments of mutual observation.

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  1. Charlotte also LOVES the Boston aquarium! What a great outing to help beat the heat Em : ) We miss you guys!!!


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