Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Fever

I know, I've been away for a bit- but Tye and I have been taking full advantage of spring.  Last week, we had three glorious days of sun and temps in the 90s, which felt more like summer than spring.  We've been spending every free moment outside at the playground, on nature walks, planting our patio garden, walking Mico, and riding Tye's new bike.  Even on the rainy days, we've maintained our spring momentum and enjoyed the warm rain.

Ask any Chicagoan about summer in Chicago, and you'll hear a response along the same theme: Summer in Chicago is amazing because here, the cold winters create a true appreciation for good weather.  When the weather warms up, the city comes alive with people all anxious to soak up the sun after a winter of hibernation.  I feel the same way.  So while it's no excuse for staying away for so long, at least you know our Spring Fever won't last forever.  We're quickly stocking up on the only known cure: more sunshine.

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  1. 90's wow. Im in southern Cal and its still in the 60's here and rainy! Tye is adorable!


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