Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When Tye Teeths

It's been a tough spell in Tye-land.  Yesterday morning, Tye couldn't sleep, despite wanting to finish her night, and she was up quite early.  Last night, Tye came down with a fever and barely slept at all.  With no other symptoms, I'm convinced this is a teething fever.  She spent most of the day today cuddled up to me, leaning her head on my chest sleepily, either in the carrier or in my arms.  She runs her tongue across her gums and then rubs her mouth with the back of her fist.  When Mico licks her, instead of laughing and watching him longingly as she normally does, she bursts into tears.  Our normally giggly, talkative, smiley girl is quiet and cranky sensitive.  

The whole process of teething seems so brutal to me.  A sharp, white sliver of enamel relentlessly cuts its way through soft skin, with no explanation.  What a horrible experience.  Here's hoping this is over soon!


  1. I agree! They are so sad and pathetic when teething :( Couldn't they all come in at once? Wait, Jackson tries that every few months! I swear, except for the first two, he teethes in wicked bad bunches! Good news is that he has so many teeth now that we MUST be close to finished. Right?

  2. Oh, poor Jackson! Hopefully they get easier for him as he grows up :)


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