Saturday, June 19, 2010

Milkin' Cookies

Brilliant!  Milkin' Cookies is an online bakery store that makes cookies, in flavors like oatmeal chocolate chip, that contain galactogogues- ingredients to increase breastmilk production.  A two-week supply of 14 cookies is $20.99, which is about what you'd pay for a cookie a day at a bakery.  These would be a thoughtful, unique gift for a new mom (as long as she doesn't have oversupply issues, that is), and a needed break from- or addition to- herbal galactogogue tea and tinctures.  Innovative product and great marketing!  

The website said the cookies are all natural and free of preservatives.  Curious as to what galactogogues were included, I checked the ingredients:

Ingredients:Oats, Butter, Whole Wheat Flour, Semi Sweet Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Sugar, Nutritional Yeast, Ground Flaxseed, Wheat Germ, Unsweetened Cocoa, Salt, Baking Soda

This looks like a regular recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, except with a few extra healthy ingredients.  Which got me to thinking- couldn't I make my own?  Sure enough, there's a recipe online for Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies.  Making my own would allow me to use organic ingredients at a lower cost  If nothing else, they're a good excuse to eat a cookie!

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