Saturday, June 5, 2010


Tyler took some personal time off of work this past week to spend time with us and relax at home.  Our little staycation was such a great way to spend time together as a family that I'm super sad to have Monday fast approaching.  We went to the Lincoln Park Zoo, grilled out, watched the Blackhawks, became members at the Shedd Aquarium, took walks around our neighborhood, and enjoyed the weather at outdoor cafes in our neighborhood. Tyler wasn't the only one on vacation, either- I didn't fold the laundry all week, and Tyler woke up with Tye one morning to let me stay in bed.  Looking back, though, some of the best memories were just hanging out at home together, watching Tye in amazement.  What a great week together.

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  1. LOVE the pics of the staycation! John and I are planning one for the middle of July. With our hubbies traveling every week it makes sense to have them actually stay at home when they are on vacation. i love the pics of Tye at the zoo. Charlotte loves the zoo and now that she can talk she can name the animals leaving me in amazement. Wish we lived closer : )


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