Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To Tye, at 5 months

Dear Tye,

Today, you are five months old.  You are such a happy baby.  I'm treasuring these times while you're smiling and giggling easily, interacting with us and holding parent-baby conversations, and not yet overcome with teething discomfort.  It's such a wonderful time.  

One of your favorite new activities is petting Mico and Ziggy, our dog and cat.  Both love you and the attention you give them.  Mico would lick your face every time he saw you if we let him, and you smile that gummy smile of yours when you see him.  When we go on walks, you lean over the edge of the carrier to watch him trot below us.  Ziggy loves to curl up with you while you sleep.  I can't count how many times I've woken up to find you sandwiched between Ziggy and me.  You love to pet her, and you're very gentle with her, so she lays in front of you or rubs up against you whenever she can.  You're like new best friends.

Speaking of new best friends, you have a real one now.  You and Marquise have taken to each other quickly.  You smile at him more than any other baby we've ever seen, and the two of you seem to try to hug each other every chance you have.  The two of you are so similar, with identical mannerisms and voices, that we joke about you being the boy and girl versions of each other.  We celebrated your 5 month birthday today while you were sharing a swing with Marquise at the little park near his house.

You're becoming much more attached- literally.  At night, you fall asleep nursing with one hand on my breast and at least one leg draped over my body.  When you stir, that top arm flails about until it hits me and comes to a quiet rest, usually clutching whatever part of me it feels.  If it doesn't detect me, you wake up.  When that happens and I'm near you, even as whiney and tired as you are, you look for me and upon seeing me, your face lights up with a huge smile.  It's as if you're saying, "Oh, well hi, there, friend!"  Then I let you nurse back to sleep, your hand on my breast again.  I treasure every night I get to sleep with you, afraid you'll grow out of our bed too soon.  I have a feeling I'll think it's too soon whether it's at 9 months or 9 years.

You've grown so much, Baby Girl.  As I type this with your head resting on my left forearm, your hips are resting on the outside of my hips,  your legs wrapped around my side and and your feet resting completely on the couch.  You used to be smaller than your torso alone is now!  You are becoming such a beautiful young girl, with a gorgeous smile you'll share with anyone, a gentle manner, and an easygoing spirit.  You've brought us so much joy already, Tye.  I can't believe so much happiness has fit itself into five short months.  I love you.


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  1. I love your letters to Tye, Em. They are so heartfelt and overflowing with love. Though I don't know it yet, it's clear that this is a love that surpasses all others. Thanks for sharing it with us:)



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