Monday, April 5, 2010


Today Tye and I went to the park with my friend Ines and her son Marquise, who is almost 7 months old and Tye's new best friend.  Marquise, being the older man and all, had a little experience on the swings, but today was Tye's first time!  She loved it right away.
The swings were big enough to fit both Tye and Marquise at the same time, so we put them in back to back.  Even though I know neither realized there was a friend behind them, it was a perfect set up.  Each babe got to swing facing his/her mom while Ines and I chatted... as much as possible while making googley faces at the kids.  But really, how could we take our eyes off of this cuteness for even a second?


  1. What a cute couple they make! She looks so cute and happy!

  2. What a good idea. Little ones do slip around in those big bucket swings.


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