Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Favorite- Breastmilk Healing

Today was my first opportunity to use breastmilk medicinally.  While it's a moment I haven't exactly been looking forward to because it means someone isn't 100% healthy, I find the anti-microbial properties amazing.  Tye woke this morning with a slightly larger amount of mucus in her left eye.  I made note of it, but didn't think much of it.  A few hours later, her eyelid was pink and her eye was starting to look glassy.  So, I squirted a little breastmilk in it.  Tye didn't complain a bit- though after a few seconds of having my nipple in her face but not in her mouth, she was more than eager to nurse (and I learned that I need to practice my aim!).

After the nap following that feeding, Tye woke up with a completely clear eye.  We squirted a second round of milk in her eye just for good measure.  Ahh, the miracle of breastmilk.


  1. So funny, I was just having a conversation last week, with one of my coworkers, about the amazing healing properties of breastmilk --- she called it an "amazing elixi" and said she's used it for baby eczema, scratches, pink eye, and even pimples (hilarious!). AMAZING! Just proves that breastmilk is packed with goodness. Glad little Tye didn't have to go through having pink eye!

  2. I meant "elixir," by the way. :)

  3. Love it! I remember the first time I did that... Randall had to help me; my aim was terrible and we ended up with milk everywhere, LOL. I guess I was not a "straight shooter"...

  4. wow! i had no idea! incredible, and yet, not so surprising that a woman's body is capable of such healing:)

  5. That's awesome. Last night Michael somehow jabbed a stick in the back of his mouth and it caused a bleeding gash. My husband was worried about it getting infected, and I said not to worry, he'll have breastmilk washing it all night! I've never used it topically, though. That's so cool that it actually worked.


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