Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let's Go, Go, Go White Sox!

Sunday, Tye went to her first White Sox game!  Her uncles Mark and Todd and our family scored a deal on some outfield tickets.  Tye was quite the hit while we tailgated prior to the game in the beautiful sunshine, and she was a great little fan in her White Sox onsie throughout the game.  The home run celebrations scared her enough that she cried, which was heartbreaking, but she recovered quickly.  She even slept through the end of the game (which the Sox won!).  

I know Tye won't remember it, but it was a special day for our family.  Growing up, Sox games were a real treat for Mark, Todd, and me.  We remember the games as highlights of our childhood.  We used to countdown and then yell in unison to our favorite players, "3, 2, 1, LET'S GO OZZIE!"  Our parents let us keep yelling all game long, even though our seats were so high, so far away that there was absolutely zero chance of any player hearing us.  Thankfully, no one sitting in front of us complained, either- at least that I remember.  We also brought our gloves to catch foul balls- all the way in the top row of the upper deck.  We were young and perhaps naive, but we soaked up every minute of those games with the enthusiasm of a child opening presents Christmas morning.  To be able to share something so treasured with the next generation of our family on Sunday was really meaningful.

Perhaps next time we'll get tickets for those really high, far-off seats where we sat growing up.  That way, maybe we'll be far enough away from most of the loud fans and the fireworks that Tye will be able to celebrate the home runs with us without being too scared.

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