Monday, August 29, 2011

20 Weeks!

We're now 20 weeks along in this second pregnancy- halfway to our due date!  I can barely believe how quickly the first half went.  I'm not sure if it was the morning sickness haze, or the feeling that summer flew by, or staying busy chasing a toddler around, but I feel like the time disappeared.  Right about now, baby is somewhere around 9-10 ounces in weight and probably close to 10 inches long.  There's a layer of vernix over baby's skin to protect it, and baby is already making and storing the meconium we'll see after the birth.  

I'm feeling quite large already, and strangers are making comments about me being pregnant, a good sign I'm looking more pregnant than just chubby.  From my point of view, my belly looks enormous, and it's already getting in the way.  I have started wearing my apron for any and all cooking I do since my belly keeps sticking itself into the middle of my kitchen tasks, and I should probably keep it on while I eat at this point since my belly seems to be a catch-all during meals.  Generally, though, I'm super grateful to be feeling well right now and trying to take advantage of the energy while I have it.  We're in the midst of the second trimester "honeymoon" stage- it's easy to enjoy being pregnant right now.  Combine that with the absolutely perfect weather Chicago has been having, and it's a lovely time of year for us.  We're trying to soak it up while it lasts.  
20 weeks!
Click here see what I was doing at 20 weeks with Tye, or here to see what I looked like around then.


  1. You look beautiful! A purely, hypothetical knitting-related question here: can vegans wear silk?

  2. Thanks so much, Jen! A true vegan wouldn't wear wool or silk, but you know I wear wool, and I'm okay with silk too. I highly prefer natural materials, including wool and silk, over their synthetic (usually plastic) alternatives. I just do my best to make sure the article of clothing is loved and appreciated :)


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