Sunday, August 14, 2011

To Tye, at 21 months

Dear Tye,

I can barely believe that you're now closer to two years old than to one and a half! And yet, you send reminders my way every day.  You can count to ten now and you're learning more letters in the ABCs every day.  You're so hungry for that song, to learn those few missing gaps, that we sing it together practically nonstop.  You've grown a couple inches in the past few weeks, too, just in time for the end of summer.  Looking at clothes that were huge on you earlier this season and now are too small should be another reminder you're closing in on two.

We had a busy month together, including rides in a "hairpane," taxi, and train, all of which thrilled you.  Though you love our outings and play dates, you seem to find the most joy in our simple routine of walking Mico together every morning and evening.  You choose a toy or treasured object to hold before we leave the house, and then we hold hands walking down the stairs.  You very slowly step out the door onto the sidewalk, and then we walk to the end of the block and back together.  Sometimes you run or jump your way through most of the outing, sometimes you find treasures like sticks or rubberbands, and sometimes you pause to pretend your baby or animal that day is walking along with us.  We smile and say hi to each passerby, though you receive far more responses than I do.  I'm treasuring these walks in the warm weather and hoping we can enjoy them as much when we have to bundle up this fall and winter.

I want you to know that I pause several times each day to savor the moment we're having together, just the two of us.  This is such a special time together, and I am grateful to be able to devote all of my attention to you for so much of each day.  Though I believe with all my heart that a sibling is the best gift I'll ever give you, I'm cherishing our time now as a mother-daughter pair with you as my little side kick.  You make every outing and occasion worthy of celebrating, from your excited expression when we select apples at the grocery store, to the look of amazement on your face as you see the cars whizzing below the overpass, to your beautiful voice singing from the stroller, carrier, or car seat.  You and I have a great time together, kiddo.  

Happy 21 months, Tye.  They've been the best of my life.  I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.


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