Monday, July 6, 2009

Week 21 Begins! (Pop!)

Sorry I've been MIA...  Last week was a busy one!  Wednesday evening, Tyler flew home early and we drove down to Bloomington for the 4th of July weekend, including the annual Nevius 4th of July party.  Pictures from the weekend:
Today I'm 21 weeks!  133 days to go.  I have to say, when I saw 133 days, my heart nervously skipped a beat.  That seems like a much smaller number than the numbers I was looking at last week!  The baby is growing now and starting to put on weight... and that makes two of us!  Here are pictures of me today at 21 weeks.  You get a belly shot and the same view everyone else gets- me in a maternity top that really makes me look huge!
I walked into the classroom today after the teaching assistants arrived and one of the TAs looked at me, then did a double take and said, "Whoa!  You got so much bigger over the weekend!"  One of the speech therapists who was in the room at the time, who is also a mom, laughed and said, "They call it 'popping' when you grow that fast... And you popped!"  I am over 5 months pregnant... I guess it's time to start showing!

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