Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Don't Mess with Mama!

I absolutely love this!  A study published in the September issue of Psychological Science shows that breastfeeding mothers are more aggressive than formula-feeding mothers and women without children.  In fact, moms who are exclusively breastfeeding are twice as aggressive as women who aren't (whether they are formula-feeding moms or not moms).  Apparently, that "mama bear" reaction, known as "lactation aggression," that boiled up inside of me wasn't all in my head.  Rather, it appeared because nursing causes lower blood pressure, which dampens the physical effects of stress and aggression in the body.  When a breastfeeding mama is threatened, her body adapts, allowing her to become twice as aggressive before her body sees the same rise in blood pressure.  Those same changes have the added benefit of protecting the mom against everyday stressors, too, in case any moms out there needed one more reason to breastfeed.  
She may look friendly, but don't mess with this mama!!!!


  1. What a great study that totally makes sense... just like breastfeeding!

  2. A great study Em! Love the post!


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