Monday, July 11, 2011

We've been growing!

Hi everyone!  First of all, thank you so very much for all the kind words and wishes regarding this new pregnancy.  Reading those comments was like receiving a line of hugs.  Thank you!  We're still here, and I'm finally starting to feel a bit better.  My constant 24/7 nausea has eased to morning and evening nausea, giving me a good portion of the day to accomplish things and eat as much as I can.  Sunday marks the first day of my second trimester- I can't believe how quickly the time is flying!  Our baby, who is about the size of a large lemon, now has fingerprints and reflexes and is peeing to create amniotic fluid (which made Tyler proud to hear).  I think I've even felt baby moving a few times, though it's hard to know for sure.

Tye is continuing to develop, too.  She just started creating two word phrases by adding "go" to words.  I'm amazed by the variety of meanings she can communicate by simply adding one word to the rest of her vocabulary- "Choo choo go?" is "Where did my choo choo go?" while "Mommy go" means "Mommy is leaving," while "Nigh nigh go" means "I want to go night night." While I've had to put some effort into maintaining a positive attitude while I've felt so sick, the reward of observing Tye continuing to grow has been well worthwhile.  Just to show how much she's grown, here are some photos from our Fourth of July celebration.

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  1. Seriously Tye is just too cute for words! love the pics with Tyler in the pool : ) Congrats on starting the second trimester and hope the nausea eases a bit for you. I know that the second time around for me I had much more nausea but by the middle of the second trimester it was gone. Can't wait to catch up this week (i'll give you a ring)

    Give Tye a big hug from us.


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