Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Staying Cool

In case you're one of the 5% of Americans not frying in the scorching heat wave right now (or not American), let me just tell you- it is HOT in the Midwest.   Chicago reached 99 degrees today with a heat index closer to 110.  I've dealt with really hot temperatures before- the summer I lived in Spain, temps averaged closer to 120.  But that was in desert conditions with chilly evenings, buildings designed to stay cool during the hot day, and a siesta during the hottest hours.  

I'm the kind of person who doesn't normally mind the heat- in fact, I seek it out.  I love the sun and feeling my entire body heated through.  I don't even mind sweating in Chicago's humidity.  I like the heat so much that it gives me waves feel-good goosebumps, whether I'm in a hot shower or the sweltering sun.  Even this summer, when the heat is more likely to bring on nausea, I still love to be outside in the heat.  

Despite yesterday's high thermometer readings, we met friends at Millennium Park, famous for its big silver bean art and face fountains.  The Chicago Park District has a huge circus tent full of free children's activities every day during the summer, including a sing-a-long hour each morning.  After checking that out, we cooled off in the fountains.  
Tye loved the splash pool of about two inches of water between the fountains.  For her, it was like running through the world's biggest puddle over and over again.  When she realized she was allowed to lay down in it, too, I thought we'd never leave.

Tye also braved the fountains' waterfalls, running through the "rain," as she called it.  

The fountains provided a beautiful escape from the midday heat, even if its effects were long gone by the time we took the L home.  After an exciting morning playing in the world's biggest puddle complete with a round trip train ride, Tye had reached her limit.  So we followed our Spanish sensibilities and took a nice, long siesta.


  1. those fountains look sooooo fun! i'm dying right now here in ohio. i'm ready to tell my husband that either he buys me air conditioning or we get divorced. i think i slept 2 hours last night because i was too busy being awake sweating. too extreme of a threat?

  2. Wow- I feel for you! I am constantly grateful for our AC right now, and the energy that keeps it running. I've lived in places without during heat like this, and sleeping is really, really difficult. Hope you find some relief soon :)


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