Thursday, June 23, 2011

The real reason I haven't been posting....

I miss writing blog posts here- they've become a welcomed outlet for me, much like journaling.  I can share what interests me, organize my own thoughts on topics and events in my life, and brag about my gorgeous little girl without feeling guilty.  Most of my posts in the past 19 months have been written while Tye was napping or after she'd fallen asleep for the night, especially more recently, since Tye turned into Tye-nado.  

But for the past few months, I've been needing those quiet times for extra sleep myself.  I'm now 10 1/2 weeks pregnant!  I took a pregnancy test on Mother's Day that turned up positive- a little celebration I'll always remember on future Mother's Days.  
Like my pregnancy with Tye, I've been battling morning sickness- more nausea and gagging than actual vomiting, but I think that's because I spend so much energy willing my food to stay down once it's in.  I was starting to really worry about the weight I've been losing, but at my midwife appointment last week, I was reminded that this isn't quite the same as my pregnancy with Tye.  

This time around, I have more weight to lose (since I never did return to my pre-baby weight completely).  I'm better rested, thanks to my daily naps with Tye.  I'm also under far less stress than the spring and summer I taught while expecting.  As much as I love teaching, staying home with Tye carries fewer concerns and deadlines.  I also discovered that a supplement of Vitamin B6 has helped ease my nausea and at least keep me mobile- and able to run around with Tye.  

Friday of last week, Tye and I visited the midwife office.  Amy, who attended Tye's birth, saw us and we listened to our new babe's heartbeat.  I'll never cease to be amazed by the power of that sound- such reassurance, joy, and gratitude in response to a pattern of rapid thumps.  Until I begin to feel this baby move, those thumps are all I have.  Well, those thumps, the nausea (which I know is a good sign for the pregnancy), and my already-expanding belly.  At 10 weeks now, I look more like I did at 15 weeks with Tye. 

My official due date is January 15, giving us plenty of time to prepare ourselves for our next addition.  I'm thrilled for Tye to be an older sister.  I am blessed to have really wonderful, close relationships with my two younger brothers, and I feel strongly that a sibling is the best gift I could ever give Tye.  Still, sometimes it's hard for me to believe that we're entering our next stage in life, becoming a family with more than one child.  I look forward to the changes that are coming, and to chronicling them all here, just as I did with Tye's arrival.  Just maybe not during nap time for a little while.


  1. YAYYAYAY!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! super excited for you and your family!!

  2. Congrats, Emily! I suspected it was only a matter of time before you made this announcement! Hope to see you at the next HMN meeting.
    Carrie :)

  3. Emily, that is wonderful to hear! I know I don't know you, but I check your blog a couple of times this week and last and when finding that you hadn't posted I thought two things.
    First, Wow, she and Tye must be having great outing adventures
    and the second, Hmm, I wonder if she is pregnant?..
    It's funny.
    Anyways, again, I am thrilled to hear about it and congrats to you guys.
    I also have a question that I bet you will post about. How is pregnant nursing going and do you have any concerns about continuing (or not) with Tye.
    If it's not good for your pregnancy state to think about, please don't answer and get stressed out :)

  4. Em, I am SO SO SOO! excited for you and your growing family. I too have been missing your posts and this explains a LOT! :) Congratulations.

  5. CONGRATS EM : ) I'm SO very happy for you! Years and years from now Tye and Shi will be able to discuss all the workings of being older sisters and our little ones will get to share the wonders of being younger siblings! I'm thrilled about the upcoming newest addition to your family.


  6. Congrats, Emily! I look forward to watching your family expand and to Tye becoming a wonderful big sister!

  7. Emily, I am so happy for you and your family! I had a feeling an announcement like this was coming soon! Congrats!

  8. Congratulations, Emily!!!! What amazing news!!! I too had severe nausea (though less actual vomiting) and found that B6 helped a lot. Best of luck! I look forward to reading more about your 2nd pregnancy adventure, in addition to the Tye updates!!! :-)
    P.S. Can you recommend any good books on elimination communication? Thanks!

  9. Congratulations Em!!! I'm so happy for you and your family. All the best to you as these next couple of weeks roll pass. Soon you'll be feeling high on the pregnancy hormones (hopefully)!


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