Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Good Things

I believe in the importance of pausing regularly to focus on and emphasize the good things in life.  It would have been an easy week to write off as horrible if I allowed myself to concentrate on the things that went wrong- mistakenly showing up to the La Leche League meeting an hour late, forgetting to put the coffee pot in the coffee maker before it started, Tyler working insane hours for the second week in a row.  There were plenty more, to the point that it was almost comical.  If I wanted, I could remember those things about the week and it would be a bad week.  But the thing is, there was a whole lot of time that wasn't bad, including some really beautiful moments.  I'm choosing to focus on the good times, the beauty in life.  So here are a few of the good things from my week:

  • Going to the Shedd Aquarium Members-Only Behind the Scenes Open House as a family, especially watching Tye carefully observe the sea lion from her perch on Tyler's shoulders and seeing the way she grasped his shoulder when they approached the beluga whales
  • Watching Tye strut around with her new play ball- perhaps the best $1.99 I've ever spent
  • Boutique shopping with a friend and her 18 month old son; the two kiddos both love to say hi, especially to each other, so they yelled across the stores to each other from their Ergo carriers like birds calling to each other... "Hi!"  "Hiyee!"  "Hi!"  "Hiyee!"
  • Meeting new friends and swinging endlessly at the park
  • Opening my eyes in the morning to Tye's happy face three inches from mine, coming in for a kiss
  • Finally catching a hug in photo (even if it was a blurry iPhone photo)
I hope you had a week full of good things.


  1. Em, you've inspired me to write a "good things" post! I had a difficult week and was trying to think of all the good things myself : ) Love the post and picture

  2. Hard week for me too. Long work hours can be so hard on the rest of the family. Love the post. Making a list of all my good things too. There are soo soo many. Thank you.

  3. i had a very very rough week (very sick, hubby 2000 miles away, broken cell phone with no landline) and this made me realize that hey at least baby is healthy and happy so life is good! :)


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