Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back to Nature

Today was our first long walk with our nature group in 2011!  Chicago hit 60 degrees today, which felt amazingly warm with the sun shining on us.  We took the outer layer of Tye's coat off as the morning warmed up, leaving her with just a fleece layer.  

Today we explored Palmisano Park, created in 2009 on a site used previously as a quarry and then construction dump.  Now, the landfill is a grassy hill and the quarry is a stocked pond.  

The fishing dock at the end of the walkway was under water from the recent melting snow!

Tye sat and watched the geese and ducks for almost half an hour and walked all around the park.  After a few minutes atop the hill, though, she started waving goodbye and saying "Night!  Night!"  The girl isn't subtle when she wants to take a nap, but it was well-deserved.
The skyline from the top of the hill.


  1. pretty!!! i wish we had a nature group; sounds like fun! kids love all things outdoors so that is a neat spin on a traditional mom's group.

  2. Thanks! Actually, a friend and I started our group! Start talking to other moms- I'm sure you'll find plenty who are interested in connecting their children to nature. Then make your own group!


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