Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Shopping

Today, Tyler, Tye and I went to Old Orchard mall to do some (last-minute) Christmas shopping. We found everything on our list and then some (a nice sweater for Tyler!). Mostly, though, it was a great chance for us to get out of the house and do something seasonal. Since we had no time constraints, we weren't scared off by the mile long backup on the Edens at the Old Orchard exit, and the crowds were simply good people watching. We ate lunch at Frontera Fresca, the Macy's Rick Bayless restaurant (even Tye ate there, from the safe haven of her sling under a blanket). Most of the time, Tye was in the sling on Tyler's chest and everywhere we went, people oohed and aahed over Tye and commented on how comfortable she looked in her sling. She slept the entire time, only waking to eat at lunch. Our family trip was so much fun! Next up, gift wrapping...

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