Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Catching Up

As you can tell, decorating this weekend was hard work. And we didn't even get the tree yet!
Things around here are still busy. I feel like I'm on the same schedule as Tye- feeding, sleeping, changing table, repeat. I'm so grateful to have Tyler here to help out at home- it's the only way things actually get done around the house. Today I managed to sneak out to Target to pick up necessities and then I came home and made dinner for us. Dinner was soup- white and navy beans that had been in the crock pot all day plus whatever vegetables were in the fridge: potatoes, brussel sprouts, carrots, celery, and swiss chard, seasoned with bay leaves, fresh thyme, garlic, and a dash each of cayenne and smoked hot paprika. It was delicious! And while I was making dinner, Tyler was keeping Tye very happy in the sling.
Seriously, how hot is a man with a baby??? As soon as he put on the sling, Tyler realized it allowed for full Wii mobility and put that to use.
Perhaps the best aspect of the sling is that Tye instantly falls asleep when she's put in it, likely lulled to sleep by the close proximity and gentle motion. The sling came in very handy this morning, when we went to Bongo Room for breakfast with Tiana and Traye. It was our first meal out with Tye, and she was wonderful! Through the whole meal, we only heard her whimper once as she slept. She was a perfect angel, and because she was in the sling the whole meal, I got to eat with both hands- a real mom luxury!
Well, my blogging break is over for now. Tye is feeding and I don't quite have the patience for much one-handed typing/pecking. I much prefer non-typing web surfing (once Tye's eyes close, about 10 minutes into the feeding), especially looking at baby clothes online... Goog thing I can't easily reach my credit card with Tye latched on!

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