Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Worth a Thousand Words

I try to take a picture of my belly each week.  Watching my belly expand is like watching a puppy grow- when you see it more often, you aren't shocked by how much it's grown.  This week, though, I messed up.  I didn't take a picture Monday and when I woke up Tuesday, I swear, I had grown significantly overnight!  I wish I had taken a picture Monday just so that I could compare it to Tuesday.  The change was unreal.  I have felt recently like I'm getting bigger quickly, which makes sense as the baby is reaching a stage in which she'll be putting on weight rapidly, more than doubling her weight in the next couple weeks.  Having a tummy is such a strange feeling.  It feels in some ways like an extra appendage that just showed up one day but keeps growing, now keeping me further away from the kitchen sink and preventing me from leaning over the bathroom counter to apply mascara each morning.  Sometimes, it barely feels like it's my body, as if it's a prosthetic, even when I touch it- but then baby girl will kick and it's clear that the bump is connected to me.  I think those pictures are as much for my own benefit as for everyone else.  If I see pictures of myself, perhaps I won't be as startled when I see my reflection in the mirror a few days later and a little bit bigger.
On a separate note,  I learned tonight how to send blog updates from my phone using text messages and email!  That means I can send pictures from my phone right away and update more frequently with shorter updates.  We'll see how it works.  There might be an adjustment period while I get used to the blog access.  I guess this really means there's no excuse for a lack of pictures, huh?

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