Sunday, July 19, 2009

More pictures!

Pictures of me at 23 1/2 weeks:
My bump is getting bigger!  I've gained 10 pounds so far, which is right where I should be for being 5 1/2 months pregnant.  From here on out, I should be gaining about 1 pound per week.  At my midwife appointment on Thursday, Jennifer went over details about my 20 week ultrasound (that seems like so long ago!).  Apparently, baby girl is in the 91st percentile for size.  I immediately asked if that was a bad thing, and Jennifer's exact reaction was "Well, the way I look at it, somebody has to be in the 91st percentile."  As long as I'm watching my sugar intake, I should be able to avoid gestational diabetes and not have any issues.  I guess I'm just having a big ol' baby!  At least I know she's healthy, growing, and receiving all the nourishment she needs- and maybe a little more.
I have 120 days to go until my due date.  This week at Whole Foods, while buying more prenatal vitamins, I realized suddenly that the bottle of 150 vitamins would definitely last me longer than the rest of my pregnancy.  It was a strange feeling to know that some of those vitamins I was holding in my hand would be nursing vitamins rather than prenatal vitamins.
Tyler laughed when he saw the picture above with my belly out and said it just looks like I'm puffing out my stomach.  Today we walked to the coffee shop, the dog park, and the farmer's market, where we picked up some squash blossoms for dinner (yum!).  Tyler's doing an amazing job taking care of me, helping out when he's at home, always making certain I'm eating enough, and keeping me laughing.

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