Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chicago Weekend

We've had a great summer in Chicago kind of weekend!  Friday night, Tyler and I stayed in with Thai take out and a movie.  Tyler and I woke up early Saturday.
I did some prenatal yoga, and then allowed myself some TLC with a prenatal massage at a nearby day spa.  Oh, my goodness!  My lower back feels like new again!  It is amazing how much of a lasting difference it makes by loosening my muscles and getting rid of the knots that accumulate with all the bending over at work.  I feel amazing now!
When I got back, Tyler, Tiana, Mico and I went to the Wicker Park Fest that is going on on Milwaukee Avenue right outside our door.  Here are pics of me heading out the door:
And here's the view of my belly from above- it looks huge to me!
The Wicker Park Fest has some really cool vendors- I almost bought a purple tye dye onesie with a felt flower on it-  as well as live music on 3 stages and booths from great local restaurants.  Tyler and Tiana split tamales and beef tacos and chips a guac, and I had BBQ seitan tacos with mixed greens and a frozen chocolate covered banana.  Yum!
Later in the afternoon, we went over to Lincoln Park Fest on Lincoln Avenue to meet up with Matt (the best man in our wedding) and some other friends.  We went up to the roof deck of a friend's place that had a great view of the skyline.
We really liked the Wicker Park Fest better, though- cooler crowd, better food, better music- so we ended up heading back to our 'hood, where we met up with Mark and Todd and hung out.  This morning, Tyler and I walked Mico to our favorite local coffee shop and then went to the dog park and the Wicker Park Farmer's Market.  I picked up some zucchini bread, 9 grain bread, beautiful white double lilies (Tyler's favorite flower because they're so fragrant), and heirloom tomatoes.  When we got home, I made the most delicious tomato sandwiches- the kind you only get in the heart of summer when the tomatoes are still warm from the sun and the fresh bread toasts just right.  Add some fresh cracked pepper and sea salt and it's beautiful.  Mmmm...
I'm off to read a new book I got at the library about the history of birthing in the US while Tyler gets some work done, and then we're going out to Wheaton for dinner.  Great weekend!

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