Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday night rambling

Tyler's home!  Last night, I received the sweetest email from the partner Tyler works for.  He went into detail about how important it is for Tyler to be at my appointments and how Tyler shouldn't miss any part of becoming a dad.  He asked me to schedule the rest of my appointments on Mondays or Fridays so Tyler can come.  The email was unexpected, and all the more appreciated. We're really fortunate that Tyler works for someone who is so understanding of the situation- he and his wife just had their second son in early March.  
Tyler and I went around the corner to a new Mexican restaurant that opened Monday.  Tyler kept pushing the chips and guacamole towards me and encouraging me to eat more.  We found out yesterday that I actually lost weight during my first trimester.  It's nothing unusual or worrisome- many women with morning sickness have the same issue.  Amazing how flu-like symptoms for 3 months will do that to a person...  One upside is that it proves that my little belly is all "baby" and not a collection of carb calories from the first trimester.  The other upside is that now Tyler is trying to encourage me to gain weight- a first!  
Even though I feel leaps and bounds better than mid-first-trimester, I still have some food issues.  I'm not constantly nauseous any longer, but I have some crazy food aversions- often to every food in sight.  I've been gagging on some of my favorite foods when I try to eat them anyway, so my solution for now is just to go with whatever doesn't make me gag.  Sunday morning at breakfast, it was onion rings.  The other night, it was Indian samosas (pastries stuffed with
 curried potatoes and vegetables) and pickles, a meal I knew was so weird I should probably document my behavior for later chuckles, even though this pic really just makes me hungry (note the prenatal vitamins!).  My breakfasts have been hardest to figure out since I'm gagging on granola in any form and smoothies, two staples.  So, recently, it's been a banana (frozen, dipped in chocolate, served on a stick- still, a banana!) and frozen blueberries (eaten with my fingers during my commute, leaving me with purple fingers for the remainder of the day). 
Traye asked me last night if I am getting any weird food cravings yet.  I told him about the samosas and pickles, which he classified as weird.  Really, I'm not sure they're cravings.  I think it's just a small collection of food items that have slipped through the aversion cracks, which, by the way, are constantly changing.  I think I'm going to go get some of that mango sherbet out of the freezer before I go to bed...

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