Sunday, May 24, 2009

A turn for the better

This past week has been a great one!  I've been busy eating and cleaning, two things I hadn't done in three months.  Thanks to the eating (and just time passing), my belly is growing bigger.  From my point of view, looking down, it looks enormous already!  I'll post a 15 week picture soon for everyone.  Right now, it's a bit hard to take the picture in the same place as I usually do since my house is full of guests.  We have five of Tyler's business school buddies staying with us this weekend, in from both coasts.  It's been fun to have them here- they are great guys and great friends- but it has temporarily transformed our place into a frat house (there goes my time cleaning...).   Fortunately, I have this week off of school to catch up with more housework and errands and all the relaxing I haven't actually enjoyed recently.  I am really, really appreciating feeling better, and the timing is perfect- the weather here is finally beautiful.  We celebrated with a trip to North Avenue Beach.  Here's my hot baby daddy!

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