Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Perhaps the most adorable dinosaur breed ever, the Tyeranasaurus was spotted this weekend in Brooklyn, New York.  Through steady observation, scientists discovered a great deal about the new species.  

First, she prefers eggs, over easy, for her first meal of the day.
 The Tyeranasaurus, however, is not picky.  Here she is observed eating ice off the sidewalk at the playground.
 She boldly ventures down the slide....
and back up.
 Here she is spotted engaging in daredevil tactics to gain the attention- and gasps- of other mothers at the playground who fear she may fall.  However, her balance proves to be strong, likely due in part to her long tail.
 When cheese crackers are available, she will ignore any distraction- including a full party of two year olds- to eat in solitude.
 She is social with other dinosaurs at all other times, though, as seen here, sharing the art easel.  
 When attending social gatherings, she partakes in the local food options.
 Tyeranasaurus was also observed spending a great deal of time engaged in dollhouse play.
This docile, apparently omnivorous species was heard roaring several times through the observation as well as singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and the ABC's.  Scientists are anxiously awaiting her next appearance for continued study.


  1. Witty Mama!! I love this post!! Xoxo, Baby Moma

  2. Hi Emily! I stumbled across this cuteness from Jackie's blog! I love it!!! Good to see how you are doing!:) Yomaida


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