Monday, November 14, 2011

To Tye, at 2 Years Old

Dear Tye,

Happy second birthday, dear daughter!  As your second birthday has approached, you've reminded me frequently that you're entering a new phase of your life.  You are willing to fight for your independence, whether you're struggling with a challenging puzzle, a frustrating package, or limits that keep you from what you think you want.  I admire your persistence and find much joy in watching your hard work reap in rewards, from putting on your own tutu to serving yourself second helpings at dinner.  Over the weekend, you taught yourself how to ride your friend's scooter, a skill far beyond your young age and one that clearly pleased you.  Some day when someone tells you you're stubborn, be sure to remind them that stubbornness is the same trait as persistence; the attribute's name only depends on whether the other person agrees with you or not.  Whichever title it is given, wear it with pride, because it will get you far in life.

You are a little ball of fun right now, Tye.  Every evening, as we finish eating dinner together, you start asking Daddy to wrestle.  You have a powerful headlock, girl, and you know how to keep the wrestling fun with your emerging humor and nonstop giggling.  You love exploring your world, whether it's chasing squirrels at the park or stopping every 20 feet on our walks to investigate a tree or fence post or fallen leaf.  I love hearing you talk to me, to your toys, to strangers on the street, and to yourself.  When I hear you say, "Thank you, Mommy" every time I hand you a snack or "Bless you" whenever any person in earshot sneezes, your simple phrases fill me with happiness. You make me smile and warm my heart.   

Two years.  730 days.  And you have filled each one with unimaginable joy.  Birthing you was the beginning of living life to a new level of fullness, one that I hope you are blessed to experience yourself one day because words can't describe motherhood's treasures.  Two years ago, I was forever changed.  The metamorphosis of birth is amazing; I entered the birth tub a pregnant woman and emerged as a mother cradling my babe.  During that time, during that one push in which you squirmed from inside to outside body, I felt myself being flooded with love for you in a stronger wave of emotion than I had ever experienced before.  Two years later, I am still overwhelmed with that same love for you; how I live the rest of my life in such a state still amazes me.

You are going to be very celebrated today, Tye, and the anniversary of your birth deserves it. As much as you'll love the presents, the gift is you in our lives.  Thank you for sharing the best two years of my life.  I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.


Since she was born, I've written a letter to Tye on each month's anniversary of her birth, with this being the final monthly letter.  You can see the rest here.


  1. Beautiful post Emily. Happy birthday Tye!

  2. Happy Birthday, Tye! And happy two years of motherhood, Em!

  3. Happy Birthday Tye!
    I love reading your posts, they usually make me cry... such a considerate mother.

  4. Thanks everyone! Two years of Tye- it's been amazing. Just loving where life is taking us together :)


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