Saturday, November 19, 2011

Overheard: Tyeisms

"I gonna get me!" -when wrestling with Daddy

"Terry you?" -to request being carried, as in "Want me to carry you?"

"'Mere, Kiko." -translation: "Come here, Mico."

"I find ____!" -when Tye finds any object (i.e., "I find cars!" or "I find booger!"

"It too pisces." -spitting out any food; apparently "spicy" is synonymous for "yucky" 

"I so high!" -swinging, or climbing any tall objects

"Wanna watch Elmo/Cars/Snoopy/Nemo? Sure! Okay." -in conversation with herself when she wants to watch TV but knows it's not actually an option

"Go way." -telling Mico to go away

"Ba ba no no wore so high." -translation: "Up above the world so high," followed by "Like a diamond in the sky."

"No, I fine." -when declining an offer

"I do it." -all. the. time.

"I find me!" -when Tye suddenly appears, especially after hiding


  1. This was really cute! I can't wait to see her next week!!

  2. We're excited to see you too, TiTi! You're going to love talking with Tye :)


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