Thursday, September 15, 2011

To Tye, at 22 months

Dear Tye,

Happy 22 Months!  Two years is right around the corner!  This month has been a really enjoyable one from my point of view, watching you as you learn so much each day.  Most of your communication now is two to four (or more) words strung together, giving you more power to convey your comments and requests.  A few of your most used phrases include "I do it," "I did it!" and "Want _____, please."  One of my personal favorites is hearing you say "Bless you!" to someone after a sneeze.  You've begun to sing along to your favorite songs and sing them to yourself later, an incredibly sweet show to watch.  

Last week, our friends Talitha and Charlie took us to see a performance of Disney on Ice.  Your response to the show was adorable- lots of pointing with mouth open in amazement and saying  "Whoooaaa!"  I never would have guessed you'd sit through the whole two hour show, especially not recognizing any characters, but you were entranced by the skaters singing and dancing in their intricate costumes.
The show was just one example of how your growing attention span is changing what you enjoy.  Last weekend, you wanted to watch the baseball game in the park for a loooong time. Now when we read books, you enjoy stories with more words per page than before, especially I Love You, Little One.  This afternoon, you sat at the counter while I made a batch of cookies, enthralled by the mixer and each new ingredient.  I think your reward was worthwhile....
This week at our monthly Attachment Parenting group, even more than the toys or your regular best friends, you were interested in sitting and playing with our six month old friend Lily.  You laid on your tummy to be at her level and talked to her quietly, even gently patting her head.  Seeing you interact so willingly with a younger girl was absolutely precious, and my emotional, hormonal self teared up.  You're going to be such a great big sister.

I can't believe these days have totaled up to a month already- they fly by so quickly.  Happy 22 months, Tye.  I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.


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