Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vintage Style

A few weeks ago, Tyler and I joined his family at the wedding of a family friend here in Chicago.  It was a stunning ceremony at historic Old St. Patrick's Church and a lavish reception afterwards.  Being pregnant, the dress options in my closet were limited. So I decided to have some fun and wear this stunning gown, a vintage piece that captured my heart when we lived in Ithaca, NY.  I adored the bright color, the flowing volume, and the delicate beading so much that I visited and revisited the vintage store to drool over it.  I couldn't afford the dress at the time (especially since I didn't have any idea when I would ever wear it), but my girl friends surprised me with it for my birthday that year.  
After the ceremony, a woman walked up to me and introduced herself as Kathleen.  Then, compliment of compliments: she asked if she could photograph me for her pregnancy fashion blog!  Um, of course! She shot some beautiful photos and featured me later in the week here.  What an honor.  

Unfortunately, the dress barely fit over my belly then (there's a fitted inner layer), so there's no way it would fit my growing belly even now.  If it did, I would likely keep it at the front of my closet to try on any time I'm having a hard time dressing my bump, just to bring back that feeling of glamor.

Thanks, Tammy, for leading the Ithaca girls towards that dress almost 6 years ago!  


  1. how cool! you are one gorgeous mama!!!!!!

  2. Oh, Em, you are stunning! This dress was made for you! It makes me so happy to know that you got to wear it, and how fun that you were blogged about! Love this.


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