Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day!

We survived last night's thundersnow and 70mph gusts and are now enjoying the snow!  Last night was like a scene from a snowy hurricane, with sustained winds at an incredible speed, blowing snow straight sideways. 

It's now 5pm and our street still hasn't been plowed.  Our neighborhood has been busy today, with camera-wielding pedestrians out enjoying the opportunity to walk in the middle of ordinarily-busy roads.  Most of the day has looked liked a scene from an armageddon movie, the roads busy with people walking but completely devoid of vehicles.  The cars in the photo above belong to the brave employees of the local coffee shop, which was not only open but slammed with people in ski gear, some even with cross country skis or snowshoes.  I guess some of us will do anything for those vanilla bean lattes- or perhaps they were just an excuse for the trek.  Either way, a beautiful way to spend a snow day.


  1. She is so adorable. Love the pink marshmallow snowsuit. Sending warm wishes from California. Watching all craziness on the news and I can not even imagine...

    Stay warm and safe!

  2. wow you really do live in chicago!!!! right in the thick of things! i saw jim cantore and the thundersnow clip. have you seen it? hilarious! glad tye got to go out and enjoy it! :)

  3. We have to get the kids together just so we can take pictures of them in their snowsuits together! Blue and Pink look good together!


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