Monday, February 7, 2011

Cuteness Squared

I think it's universally accepted that babies and puppies are two of the cutest things in the world. When we combined the two this weekend, it was a cuteness overload.  Tye met Tyler's cousin's 7 week old pitbull puppy, DeVille, and instantly fell in love.  Tye ran around giggling breathlessly as DeVille chased her, and if he became momentarily distracted, she chased after him.  When DeVille finally collapsed in a puppy heap for some much-needed sleep, Tye sat next to him and hugged him through his entire nap.  I haven't heard this much ooh-ing and cooing from a bunch of grownups since we brought Tye home.  See for yourself- cuteness squared.

Mama, can't we take him home?


  1. oh my god, you weren't kidding! cuteness squared indeed!

  2. Em - Tye is super cute : ) I love the post and the pics! Hope to see you guys this spring!!! We should start planning our trip : )


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