Sunday, August 15, 2010

To Tye at 9 Months

Dear Tye,
When I learned I was pregnant with you, I longed for you so much I thought I couldn't possibly wait nine whole months to hold you.  As much as I treasured the time when you were safely growly in my belly and the physical connection we shared, waiting nine months to hold you felt like forever.  I enjoyed every day- even the ones when I was so sick I barely left bed- because I knew it was a day that was bringing me closer to you.  That nine months felt, in many ways, like nine years.

Then you made your debut and changed my understanding of everything in the world- priorities, time, love, anything I thought I knew.  The past nine months have felt like a flash in the pan, like each day barely lasted a second, even though I can barely remember my life without you.  When you were born, so was a new me.  

Your growth is such a miracle.  You were born so tiny- a skinny thing at 6 pounds 13 ounces, about nine months after your conception.  In the past nine months, you've about tripled that weight.  Those dark little eyes that opened and stared into mine in the tub are now huge, blue saucers that dart about as you take in the world.  Your tight fists have opened and learned how to grasp forcefully, pet gently, and maneuver food into your tiny mouth- which, by the way, has one full tooth and a second breaking through the gums as we speak.

Every day, you learn something new and amaze me.  I keep thinking about something I heard recently- a new parent was explaining to a non-parent what having a child felt like.  He said, "It's a cross between falling in love again and getting a brand new toy, but even better."  With a lot of emphasis on the "even better" part, that is so true.  I love, love, love, love you.


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  1. So beautiful, Em. Happy 9 months to Tye, and to her wonderful momma!


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