Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Lake

After a walk through the Lincoln Park Lily Pond with our nature group, Tye and I went for a run along the lake front.  Perfect time for a nap for Tye. (Look at those cheeks!)
As we finished the run, Tye woke up and we pulled off into a shady grove of trees along the lake.  Tye was super excited to see the lake, complete with squeals, waving arms, and wiggling fingers.  She sat and watched the waves.

After a walk to the shore line for a closer view of the water (and more squeals and arm waving), we reclined and nursed, letting the lake breeze wash over us.
What a beautiful way to spend the afternoon.


  1. What a perfect day, Em! Tye is like a little china doll, just precious!

  2. Thanks, Sarah :) It did feel like a perfect day! I love capturing those in photos to remember the feeling later.


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