Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Unplugged- Unintentionally

A couple weeks ago, Etta napped and Tye colored quietly at the kitchen table as I read emails on my laptop. When the doorbell rang, I grabbed my keys and answered the door: just a delivery for our upstairs neighbor, for which I signed.

Did you catch my mistake in there? No? Well, neither did I. I left my laptop on the table, open, next to Tye and returned to find an empty drinking glass laying across the keyboard. A puddle engulfed the laptop's footprint. As I tipped it up, water ran out from between the keys.

It never recovered.

I miss writing. Emails, blog posts, lengthy Facebook responses. But for the past few months, I have been making an effort to spend more time living in the moment and less time online. This has been a great opportunity to practice that.

I hope to be back online with a new laptop soon. Until then, just know that we're enjoying our summer. Every unplugged moment.

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