Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Florida House

Sometimes, life hands you opportunities too good to pass up.  Last weekend, Tyler had to be in Miami for work.  His parents were an hour north at their condo in the West Palm Beach area.  Rather than have the three of us girls stay home by ourselves over the weekend, we decided to fly to Miami with Tyler and visit GG and PaPa.  PaPa had never met Etta, so it was a special trip.   
We had a wonderful time.  My biggest regret was not taking more photos, though I can assure you we were just having too much fun to think about that.  
Tye absolutely loved the ocean and the sand- so much so that I was still shampooing sand out of her scalp during tonight's bath (which included shells we collected on the beach!).  We spent hours jumping waves in the ocean and burying ourselves in the sand.  Outside of our beach trips, Tye was constantly searching for tiny local lizards, keeping an eye out for bugs and flies and beetles, and enjoying the attention from GG and PaPa while we were at their "Florida house."  

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