Friday, March 23, 2012

Chicago Friends

One week ago, a few of my closest Chicago mommy friends came for a visit to my parents' home in the suburbs, where we were staying.  It was a wonderful day of sidewalk chalk, balls, bubbles, deliciously healthy treats, and running around barefoot in the grass.
 Seeing my mama friends again provided that deep sense of comfort that reminds me of pulling on my favorite old hoody on a cool morning, or holding a warm mug of tea in chilled hands, or the spray of a hot shower after a frigid run.  We not only share ideas and parenting styles in the present, but we've been bonded together by our experiences growing as mothers.  It's like we went through mothering boot camp together.  
 As I was coming up with analogies for the feeling of being with my friends, I realized everything I wanted to compare to that sense of comfort was the sensation of familiar warmth on cold skin.  My friends are like that- they warm my heart and nourish my mama soul.  Living in Brooklyn, I've been missing that so much.  Our day in the backyard was my opportunity to recharge and stock up on that warmth.
I miss my mama tribe.


  1. Aww. I love you and your girls SO much. The way you describe our friendships is right on. Love the warm mug of tea analogy :) Miss you deeply.

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