Monday, November 29, 2010

Tye is officially a walker!

I can't believe I did this... I shot the video with the camera sideways, so now the video is sideways. If you're on a laptop or phone, it's an easy fix, but sorry for everyone watching sideways on a desktop monitor!


  1. Hurray Tye! Giggling all the way.

  2. awwwhh!! she looks soooo excited to be a walker now! congrats!

  3. Thanks! It's so much fun to see her walking all over now. I still stop what I'm doing to watch her walk across the room :)

  4. Absolutely adorable, even sideways!Love the giggles!

  5. Way to go Tye! Now the fun really begins! ;)
    Caroline's been walking since 10.5 months and I'm still in awe of her every time she waddles around. It's the best feeling to watch them explore and discover something new about themselves. The hardest part though is when they fall. We've had our share of bumps and bruises and it breaks my heart (and scares me to death) to see her in pain. But learning to fall is an important skill for them to acquire... now she knows how to fall without hurting herself (unless a chair or such gets in the way)... just wish we could be helmets on these kids until they're like 7 or 8! ;)

  6. Yay! Go, Tye! What a fun milestone.


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