Saturday, November 20, 2010

Step by Step

Tye took her first unassisted step six days before her birthday, and another two days before her birthday.  Then she took one step several more times this week.  In general, she appears to be a strong walker who just needs some additional confidence and holds on to the couch, coffee table, chair, or wall just for safety's sake.

Then last night, as Tyler was playing with Tye, he held her favorite toy- a puppy Beanie Baby that looks just like Mico- out in front of her.  As Tye took one step forward, Tyler took one back, continuing until Tyler was backed into a wall and Tye had taken four steps to reach her beloved puppy.  She realized right away what she had done, and she took several steps at a time on numerous occasions last night.  We caught a miniature walking session on video- just a step or two, but you can see how much she is loving it.


  1. LOL cute; congrats to tye! love the cheering section! :)

  2. YAYAYAYAY Tye we are so proud of you! The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step : )


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