Thursday, October 14, 2010

To Tye, at 11 months

Dear Tye,

You crack me up.  On a daily basis.  You know how to make me laugh and you do those things over and over just to make me laugh.  Of course, I will do anything to make you laugh, too- games of peek-a-boo, dancing around the house, silly noises and tickle times.  Now when you giggle, I can see teeth on top and bottom.  You have the perfect little jack-o-lantern smile.  

Along with those teeth, you have these scrumptious-looking chubby body parts now that I could just eat right up.  After spending the first few months of your life on the skinny side, you now have thick limbs, fat fingers, and kissably chubby cheeks.  It could be all the food you're eating... You eat like it's going to disappear, especially sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs, and freeze-dried banana.  When you see us eating something that looks tasty to you, you look at us and smack your mouth loudly until it has been filled.  Smart girl already.

We arranged your bedroom this past month, complete with a bed (or mattress on the floor) for you.  I feel good because I know it's the safest place for you to sleep without me, but every time I leave you there asleep, my heart breaks a little.  You can't be growing up this fast.  The mixed emotions remind me of feeding you solids the first time you ate a real meal.  All I could think of was the La Leche League explanation that weaning starts when the baby is fed anything other than breastmilk.  Thinking of you weaning made my heart ache, just as it aches when I see you in your own bed.  I am so happy to see you grow, but so sad to see some of these phases begin to end.  As I laid in bed the other night, sprawled out on my back with you asleep on top of me, your head square in the middle of my chest, my only thought was, This is what comfortable feels like.  

I can't believe you're almost a year old.  One year ago, I was almost finished with my bed rest. How my life has changed in the past 11 months.  You're an amazing little force, Baby Girl.  I love, love, love, love you.


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  1. impossible! 11 months?! that means i started following your beautiful family about a year ago. tye seems like a very confident, secure young lady and that is due in no small part to your genuine desire and love and for her. you are such a present mother, emily and i KNOW that makes for the creation of good human beings:) happy 11 months, tye!


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