Sunday, October 10, 2010

International Babywearing Week

October 6th kicked off International Babywearing Week!  In celebration, a list of reasons I've found to wear Tye:

  • I know she's warm enough in the winter, no matter how cold it is outside.
  • The carrier is the cleanest place to stow a baby when using a pubic restroom.
  • Babywearing allows for nursing while walking the dog, grocery shopping, socializing, cooking (carefully!), cleaning, eating, blogging, waiting at the doctor's office...
  • Wearing Tye as she sleeps while she's sick allows her nasal passages to stay clear enough to breathe comfortably.
  • Having Tye so close helps me notice her subtle signals that she's hungry, tired, or needs to use the potty or be changed.
  • Tye is at conversation level and is able to participate in social interactions.
  • Her head is at perfect kissing height.
  • Strangers are less likely to touch a baby when they have to enter my own personal space to do so.
  • The transition from awake to asleep happens easily, whenever Tye is sleepy, without having to stop whatever else I'm doing.
  • A carrier takes up way less space in a crowded bus, train, sidewalk, store, or restaurant than a stroller.
  • A baby in a carrier goes wherever I go.

  • Two hands are always better than one (or none).
  • There is nothing, and I mean nothing, better than being able to hold and cuddle a baby all day long.
  • Well, maybe there is something better- having a happy, secure, attached baby.

Babywearing International has a more official list of reasons to wear your child here.  


  1. Oh yea I love my carriers (all three and have my eyes on more). Now that Caroline is older and heavier I've been carrying her on my back a lot more (though it did take me forever to figure out how to get her on my back alone).

    I carry her everywhere. So much easier than a stroller and like you said it takes less up less room. She's walking and very independent but I have noticed how much she loves being held... and I love holding her. I also believe carrying her a lot during her first year helped me cope with PPD much easier.


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