Sunday, November 11, 2012

Well, hello!

So, I took some time away while my computer wasn't working.  Yes, my new one.  When I finally took it in to the 5th Avenue Apple Store, I asked the tech fixing it if the store was ever not crowded.  He joked that the store may be at it's emptiest in a few days if the predicted hurricane actually hit the city.  I think we all know how that turned out.
Photo by jaycorcoran,
So much has happened since I updated last.  A quick catch-up...

We went apple and pumpkin picking.  

 We learned where corn grows.
Tye couldn't have been more excited.  She said proudly, over and over again, "I picked my own apple with my own hands!"  
And wouldn't you know- we traveled an hour and a half outside the city, and all Tye wanted was to play in the wood chip pile.  But what a view.
We celebrated Halloween, dressing up as Tye's favorite cartoon characters, Kipper, Tiger, Pig, and Arnold from the Kipper books and cartoon series.  Tye wore her costume for two days straight.  

On a more daily basis, we've been spending lots of time at the local parks and playgrounds.

Oh, and we survived our first hurricane.  But more on that later.  The big news in our home- Etta is walking! She now takes one or two steps frequently throughout the day.
My baby is walking and my oldest is turning 3 this week. 
Time, slow down.


  1. Time flys by, Tye looks so much bigger and like her mother in the first pic of hers.

  2. Hi - I was just searching for "Kipper Costume" and your post came up. How did you make the costume for your daughter? I'd like to make something similar for my son, he loves Kipper! Thank you!


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