Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Girl and her Kite

Don't you sometimes just wish you could bottle up a moment in time and experience it forever?  I think I'm constantly waging an inner war between really being wholly in the moment and savoring it fully, and stopping to capture that moment forever by taking a picture or a video of it. Those moments happen frequently when I'm nursing, or when Etta starts giggling, or when Tye is cuddling with Etta.  How do I best preserve the moment- living it fully uninterrupted, or taking a picture?  It's a constant back-and-forth for me.  

We have found, though, that a video can be a perfect way to extend Tye's experiences.  Then, hours, days, and weeks after the event, Tye can watch herself in the video and re-live the moment.  It has been a great way to re-experience visits with friends, trips to the zoo, and memorable moments.  Our newest favorite video was taken last week while visiting family.  

GG bought Tye a kite, and we went together with Aunt TiTi to the park to fly it.  That a kite can fly is somewhat magical to toddlers, and Tye has long been fascinated with them, so this was a really, really exciting opportunity for Tye.  There was barely enough wind to keep the kite flying, so Tye had to run to keep it afloat.  She ran for about an hour, pulling the kite behind her.  I narrated the kite flying video intending for Tye to watch it later, so forgive the commentary- though you'll notice it sounds much like Tye's own exclamation as she runs closer to me (she says confidently, "I holding on!").  
We've had such a great time re-watching this video of Tye flying her kite.  And, I know it's time to draw the line when I start wanting to record a video of Tye watching herself on video, no matter how cute her reaction each time....

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