Friday, April 13, 2012

Things I Learned this Easter

1. Plan on coloring eggs more than once, because it is a favorite activity that will be requested every day for at least a week after.
2. The Easter Bunny should only put as much candy into an egg as a child can fit into her mouth at one time.  Because it all goes in at once, no matter how much is there.
3. When the Easter Bunny is overzealous and leaves too many eggs, the thrill of the egg hunt becomes the task of cleaning up after the Easter Bunny.
4. Never again will Mama ask the Easter Bunny to bring her favorite chocolates (Milka brand, imported from Germany) on Tye's behalf, because Mama eats them.  All.  (Thanks for sharing, Tye!)

5. Egg hunts should be conducted after the girls are dressed and photos are taken, or the risk is run of photo opportunities coinciding with sugar crashes- the kids and mine.
The only Easter photo I managed of both girls.

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  1. Love the matching dresses! Love the "lessons learned" from Easter! I also agree that picture taking should be done pre-activities ; ) I also only got one pic together!


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