Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Prospect Park Zoo

We've lived in Brooklyn almost 4 months, but it wasn't until yesterday that we made the mile trip to Prospect Park, which includes the Prospect Park Zoo in its 585 acres.  The tiny zoo has some great exhibits and even houses some creatures I don't remember ever having seen before, like red pandas.  We spent a long time feeding the water fowl.
Tye was able to see a male baboon up close- very close.

But the highlight of the day, hands down, was feeding the sheep and goats.  Rows of gumball-style machines dispensed a handful of pellet food for each pair of quarters, and we donated a decent sum in quarters by the time we left.  

 As they used their soft lips to nibble the pellets out of our fingers, the goats and sheep had Tye cracking up.  Feeding the animals made Tye's day.

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  1. I bet she had fun!! Her hair is getting so long.


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