Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Us Three Girls

I'll never forget telling one of my mommy friends in Chicago that we were moving to New York.   When she realized I was going to be in New York when I had our second baby, she gasped and asked gravely, "What will you eat?"  Thinking I perhaps misheard her (she speaks with a sometimes heavy Mexican accent), I asked her to clarify.  "How will you get food?  After the birth, what will you eat?" she wondered.  I wondered, then, too.

We are truly blessed with generous family, though, who were willing to give up their time, vacation days, and resources to come and help us as we transitioned into a family of four.   For the first couple days after Etta's birth, Tyler took care of us three girls while our parents re-worked plane trips to try to get to us sooner than they had planned (no one had anticipated Etta's arrival being ten days before her due date- except me, maybe).  First, Tyler's mom stayed with us for a week, then my mom came for a week, and then my dad was here for a week.  We fully realize how fortunate we are to have had so much help from family, especially since they all had to fly in to be with us.  The lovingly home-cooked meals and help with housework really played a part in my recovery.  Most of all, having someone to play with Tye so I could nurse Etta or hold Etta so I could cuddle with Tye was priceless.  Dividing my attention between the two girls has been the hardest part of mothering two for me so far.  Those extra hands for the past three weeks were lifesavers.  

Yesterday was my first day with the girls without other adult help.  To say I was nervous about it wouldn't be an exaggeration- on Sunday, I was pretty scared of what might happen- or not happen.  I still spend a huge portion of each day sitting while I nurse Etta, and that can be hard for Tye, who has so much energy.  Until Etta can nurse in the sling while I can simultaneously entertain/chase Tye, I worry about how I'll manage.  

However, our first day was a notably excellent one.  We made coconut macaroons in the morning, did a load of laundry, napped, went to the playground in the afternoon, ran an errand on the way home, and made dinner, all without any major meltdowns from any of us (and we didn't resort to turning on the TV ever!).  That's a full day in my book.  While I know they won't all be this easy, starting out on a good note- or a good day- is always helpful.

Photographic evidence that we made it to the playground on day one of Us Three Girls:
(Don't worry, I could see Etta's face easily as she slept on my chest.)
The Big Sis!

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  1. So glad to hear that your first day alone with the girls was a huge success! The fact that you got laundry and baking done and went to the playground is amazing! Way to go super mama : )


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