Wednesday, October 26, 2011

An Abundance of Owies

I don't know if everyone's kids are like this or if it's just Tye, but every once in a while, she manages to fall- a LOT.  The injuries are rarely sporadic- rather, they come in waves.  After weeks without an owies, Tye has had several in the past two days, including two that left big scratches on her face.  
Her forehead was the result of a fall off the equipment at the playground, which is completely unusual for her.  The scratch on Tye's nose happened after a little fall on the small cement area in the back yard.  Her face doesn't tell the rest of the story- the running fall cushioned by a large bush, the fall off the kitchen chair that resulted in a major head bump, the skinned knees hiding beneath her leggings.  

If we were still in Chicago, I'd take Tye to the chiropractor.  After all, after this many tumbles, she is certain to need an adjustment.  But I've also noticed that an adjustment breaks the cycle of injuries.  I realize it could just be the end of Tye's fall phase, or as the old motherly wisdom suggests, perhaps she is finally becoming used to her body after a growth spurt.  The thing is, after months of regular adjustments, the pattern of falls-adjustments-no falls has been pretty obvious.  

Now we just need to find a chiropractor in Brooklyn.  
"Owie on nose."

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