Monday, April 4, 2011

Nature Museum

Last week, Tye and I visited the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.  Although we've been several times and Tye loves every visit, this was the first trip she showed any interest in the butterflies as we walked through the butterfly haven.  I guess the huge insects fit in alongside her fascination with all things flying these days- birds, airplanes, and helicopters (could her one-time entomologist mother be any more thrilled?!?).  I tried to capture Tye's awed expression, but looking back, I think it was partly her stillness that communicated her fascination.  

We always spend time in the children's play area, and this time Tye wanted to put on the beaver costume while she played.

We also saw these crazy cool Ferocious Waterbugs.  According to the sign, "A protective father, the Ferocious Waterbug totes fertilized eggs on his back until his offspring hatch."  I think most moms-to-be feel a moment or two during their pregnancy in which they wish they could hand over care to the father.
And finally, some personality shots:

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